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  • Founded in 1998 by a young entrepreneur in love with the culture, the Vignoble Rivière du Chêne Winery has always let itself be guided by strong family values, openness, honesty and listening.
  • In this fast paced time where our daily duties challenge our lives, discovering a passion has the power to stop time. Our passions were, even then, the people, the wine and the vine.
  • In the first year, we completed the acquisition of 9 hectares of land, planted 8 vines and demonstrated our intention to be part of the first generation of Quebec winemakers to have managed to master the art as well as the risks of this culture.
  • Constantly on the lookout for what is best in research and development, we have surrounded ourselves with talented professionals who can disclose their best kept secrets in regards to the harvesting, processing and bottling of the precious liquid.
  • Despite the fire that destroyed our entire main building in 2007 causing us to lose 110 000 liters from our tanks, 9600 bottles from the cellar for a total loss of around $ 2,3 millions of dollars ; our determination remained intact.
  • Our main building was rebuilt in 2008 and our production started up again. Our objective; to build an impressive and welcoming structure and to maintain the high quality of our wines made with care by our Cellar Master. We used this sad event to expand our possibilities and build a location to our image.
  • In this same vein of continuous improvement, we were among the first Quebec winemakers to join the accreditation of "Certified Québec Wines" which allows traceability of our products from the vine to the bottle. This process requires us to pass through several stages of technical approvals as compiled in a set of specifications overseen by the MAPAQ (?). We want to ensure the authenticity of our wines, vinified in the respect for tradition, our climate and our soil.
  • We now have an area of 16.5 hectares of vines and produce more than 11 500 cases of wine annually, making it the 3rd winery in Quebec for number of bottles sold.​
  • Our work is rewarded by the enthusiasm of our customers who have adopted our wines and through the honours received at prestigious international competitions. "We are pleased to have made our brand and positively contribute to the recognition of Quebec's wine industry. " Daniel Lalande, Owner & founder
  • « Over the years, the attention given to the vines in order to optimize their balance in their milieu as well as the attention to detail applied to winemaking, have resulted in a continuous increase in product quality. The wines have consequently gained in finesse, while maintaining consistency from one year to another. »

    Laëtitia Huet – Winemaker

  • Mission
  • Mission

    Together we make you live the very best wine experience.

  • Vision
  • Vision

    To be a leader in the first generation of vineyards in Quebec

  • Our values, a team commitment
  • Our values, a team commitment

    • Winemaking in accordance to industry standards in environmentally responsible methods
    • Professionalism and rigour
    • Teamwork and heart
    • Candour, honesty and listening
    • Involvement in society